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325 E Betteravia Rd Ste B9
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Tue: 10AM - 6PM
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Sat: 10AM - 5PM
Sun-Mon: Closed

Kind Words

  • The family that owns this Deli is so friendly and truly want to make your sandwich with love. Their sandwiches are huge and are always perfect and very tasty. I often have to order a half portion because the portions are huge. My husband appreciates the portions!

    Kelly S., San Luis Obispo, CA | Yelp Review
  • Best Pastrami sandwich in Santa Maria. Been eating there for 35 years. Consistently great every time I go.

    Steve A., San Francisco, CA | Yelp Review
  • Holy Italian! So I was craving a real, home baked bread Italian sandwich, not the chain restaurant bland crap that's mostly littered out there, I mean a real old country Grinder. I have some great news..... I found one and it hit all the boxes, fresh bread, simple Italian dressing, provolone, and a bunch of thinly sliced Italian meats. Wow! The atmosphere screamed family owned and operated and the quality matched. Will definitely be back again.

    Max S., Pismo Beach | Yelp Review
  • You have not lived unless you have had a hot pastrami sand which from papa napolis. Amazing mom and pop place where I have gone for over 20 years. Always great. Always the same. Always delicious.  Best hot pastrami sandwich ever!!!  Everything else is great too.

    Steve J., Santa Maria, CA | Yelp Review
  • You head up to the counter and order; bam!  Moment later here come the sandwiches and just what the Dr. ordered.  I love perfectly crispy bread, with oil, shredded lettuce and ample amounts of LEAN meat.  I got exactly what I was hoping for.  The Wife relived her 1980's and ordered her then and now favorite (Turkey and I and the pastrami).  My Daughter gave me a taste of her Chicken Parmesan which for me was imply off the charts.  The red sauce and heat-scored cheese, combined with perfectly moist/tender meat and the crispy bread was ideal.

    Clayton T., Lompoc, CA | Yelp Review
  • My favorite spot in Santa Maria for a sandwich. Family owned, you gotta support local!  Sandwiches are always fresh and the pastrami sandwich is TO. DIE. Would definitely recommend sharing because the portions are large.  If you're looking for authentic Italian subs, look no further.

    Debbie Rae N., San Jose, CA | Yelp Review
  • Most delicious sandwich I have ever had! The staff is always really nice and helpful! Honestly every sandwich I've had was beyond delicious. I usually get the turkey! It's their Italian dressing that makes it, I always ask for extra on the side and drench my sandwich. Super huge sandwiches and messy to eat, but so worth it! The restaurant is really cute & homey!!!!!!

    Alisha B., Arroyo Grande CA | Yelp Review
  • About 8 months ago we were looking for a lunch/sandwich place to go to. We found papa Napoli's. Well lemme tell ya; they make "the bomb" sandwich. Just in case you don't know what that means, it's dam good..  The people in there are super nice and in case I didn't say , they have great food. Thank guys and gals, see ya soon

    Marc C. | Yelp Review